The advocacy process

We start the process with one of the most important elements of good advocacy. We listen to you - what you want us to help you with, and what you hope to achieve. We’ll then work together with you to create an advocacy plan, which will set out what’s going to happen.

Five simple steps

An advocate will

Listen and understand your point of view

Understand your situation and what help you need

Explain the choices you have and what they mean

Offer you support to tell other people what you want, or introduce you to people who might be able to help

Stand up for you and take your side (unless you’re expressing a bigoted view)

Speak on your behalf if that’s helpful

Help you have control over your life

An advocate won't

Give you advice

Tell you what they think you should do

Speak for you when you can speak for yourself

Always agree with everything you say and do

Mediate between you and other people

Give you counselling

Be your care and support worker

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