Self-help resources

Understand your rights, know the choices open to you, decide your preferred way forward, and feel prepared. These things are particularly useful if you’re going through an assessment or review. You want to know what you want and don’t want, and feel confident enough to express these things clearly.

  • A guide to self advocacy

    Self-advocating is saying what you think and asking forwhat you want and need. This guide covers how to do this effectively.

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  • NHS Complaints factsheet

    If you have had a poor experience, you might want to make a complaint. Your complaint could help make things better for you or other people in the future. This factsheet has tips and links to help you format your complaint.

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  • Mental Capacity And Mental Illness Factsheet

    Mental capacity means you have ability to make your own decisions. If you lose mental capacity the Mental Capacity Act 2005 (MCA) protects you and your rights. You may lose mental capacity because of your mental illness. This factsheet explains mental capacity and how the MCA works.

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  • Mental Health Act Factsheet

    This factsheet is about detention under the Mental Health Act 1983. This is sometimes called ‘sectioning’. We explain why you may be detained, and what rights you have. If you care for someone who has been detained, you might also find this information useful.

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  • Social Care Assessment Under The Care Act

    If you have a mental illness you may need support from social services. This factsheet explains who is eligible for social care support and how you can get an assessment from your local authority. Your local authority has to follow The Care Act 2014.

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  • Social Care Care And Support Planning

    If you are entitled to social care, you can plan what care and support you will get from your local authority (LA). This is called care and support planning. This factsheet explains how you can plan your care, who is involved and when you have to pay for services.

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  • Advocacy Factsheet

    You might have found it difficult to get what you want from the NHS or social services. Advocates can help you to express your concerns, get information and explore options for moving forward. This factsheet explains more about what advocates do. And how they can help you and how you can find one near you.

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  • Carers Assessments Factsheet

    You may get support if you are caring for someone with a mental illness. You can ask the local authority to assess your needs by asking for a carer’s assessment. The local authority can give you support and services if you have ‘eligible needs’. This factsheet explains eligible needs, how you can get an assessment, and what support you may get.

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  • Complaints Factsheet

    This factsheet is about making a complaint about the NHS or social services. It explains how you can make a complaint and what support you can get.

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