Making decisions for someone else

We offer advocacy for people who aren’t able to make important decisions about their own care, medical treatment, changes in their accommodation and in some other circumstances. People who do not have an appropriate family member or friend to consult with, and represent them, may be in particular need of this service.

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How we can help

When someone ‘lacks capacity’, we are in a position to represent their views to those who are working out their best interests. We can speak or ask questions on that person’s behalf so professionals take views and wishes into account when deciding things about their life.

An Independent Mental Capacity Advocate must be instructed if the following are true:

  • The person is aged 16 or over
  • A decision needs to be made about a serious medical treatment or a long-term change in accommodation (lasting over 28 days)
  • The person ‘lacks capacity’ to make that decision
  • There’s no appropriate person to consult who is independent of the professional services (e.g. a friend of family member)

Older people and those with dementia

Our advocates can speak or ask questions on another person’s behalf. If you, a loved one or friend is living with dementia, we can make sure you or that person’s interests are considered when people are making decisions about care and other arrangements.  

Find out more about how we can support people with dementia.

Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy

For someone who isn’t able to make important decisions about their own medical treatment, changes in their accommodation, or similar.

Find out more about Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy

Role of the advocate

An advocate can

Help someone who can’t make their own decisions.

Help access information and facts

Represent that person’s wishes and feelings

Challenge decisions and look at alternative options

Speak with individuals who know the person well

An advocate can’t and won’t

Provide advice

Make decisions for you

Force an opinion on you

Act as a counsellor or befriender

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