Care and support needs

If you have care needs, you might want to speak with one of our advocates. This may be because you’re going through a Care Needs Assessment or a review of your current care and support plan. Or, you might be a carer going through a Carer’s Assessment or review of your own support plan.

Make a referral

About care needs

If you’re finding it difficult to manage certain tasks or personal care, the social services department at your local Council will be able to give you a Care Needs Assessment. This is the first step towards getting the help and support you need with everyday life, to enable you to live as independently as possible. The council will also be able to consider what information and advice would be helpful, and suggest relevant services.

How we can help

We might be able to support you with your Care Needs Assessment or a review of your care and support plan. We can talk through information you’ve been given, consider services you’ve been recommended, explore the options open to you, and help you communicate your thoughts and what’s important to others.

For carers

If you’re a carer, a Carer’s Assessment is the chance to speak to the local council about your needs and the support available to you. If you’re having problems understanding the information you’ve been given in an assessment or review, the options open to you, or you’re struggling to communicate your thoughts, you could ask your care coordinator or social worker if you can use our advocacy services. We also run self-advocacy support groups for people who care for relatives or friends.

For social workers

If you are a social worker and work with someone who might need support relating to care, treatment or accommodation, and they don’t have an appropriate person to support them, you might want to make a referral.

The role of an advocate

An advocate can be by your side if you’re finding it difficult to understand any part of a needs assessment or review.

An advocate can

Help you understand information you’ve been given

Help you understand your options and rights

Help you say what you think

Help others understand what’s important to you

Help you say when you don’t agree with decisions

An advocate can’t and won’t

Provide advice

Make decisions for you

Force an opinion on you

Act as a counsellor or befriender

Fill in forms

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