NHS complaints

Do you feel an NHS-funded service provider has not treated you or someone you know with respect? Perhaps you feel they gave the wrong care or treatment, didn’t help quickly enough, didn’t do enough, or the service was taken away too quickly?

Make a referral

Who is it for?

People who have not been happy with an NHS-funded service they’ve used, or carers who want to complain on someone’s behalf.  

How we can help

We can help you complain about any NHS-funded services you are using or have used in the recent past.

What is an advocate?

Advocates give you a voice and support you in expressing your views and wishes to professionals and services.

The role of the advocate

There are set ways to make a complaint and an advocate will be able to support you so you know your options, how and who you should complain to, and what you should expect. Making a complaint can seem stressful, but an advocate can help you make sure your voice is heard and you get a response. Remember, complaining could help make things better for you or the person you care for, but also make things better for others who will use the same service in the future.

An advocacte can

Help you decide if complaining is the right thing

Talk through your options

Understand the procedue and what to expect

Give you the correct forms and contacts

Help you express your views

Help you fill in forms when complaining.

An advocate can't

Provide advice

Make decisions for you

Force an opinion on you

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