About community advocacy

Community advocacy is available to people of all ages and backgrounds across Essex. Our aim is to give you a voice and help you have control over your life. It starts with us understanding your circumstances, your point of view and what might be stopping you from getting what you want. We can then help you express your views and wishes to others.

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Why is community advocacy important?

Community advocacy is about speaking up on behalf of people who can’t do this for themselves. It supports people who would have substantial difficulty advocating for themselves – including difficulty understanding, holding, using or weighing up information, as well as communicating their views, wishes and feelings to others. It’s part of a duty of acting fairly towards people. To stand by individuals who are otherwise in danger of being pushed towards the margins of society.

A community advocate will be able to help you

  • Get the information you need and understand what it means
  • Explore your options and decide what you want
  • Contact the relevant people, or will contact them on your behalf
  • Express your feelings and opinions to others, or do this for you
  • Prepare for meetings, and support you at them if you want that
  • Stand up for your rights and get the services you need

The referral process

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