Citizen advocacy

Citizen advocacy is when you work with a member of the community who volunteers their time to advocate for local people. Citizen advocates usually work with those who would otherwise find it challenging to speak up for their own rights, views and wishes. Your relationship with a citizen advocate can be long-term. It can run for as long as you and your advocate want it to.

Why is citizen advocacy important?

Everyone should have the right to be listened to, have choices and be in control of their life. Having the opportunity to be supported by someone who has got to know you and your wishes is a good way of widening your ‘circle of support’. A citizen advocate is totally independent of health and care services, so he or she can work with you to find out what you really want, without any expectations.

A citizen advocate can

  • Get information for you so you can make important choices
  • Understand your rights and make sure they’re respected
  • Help you make difficult decisions
  • Change services if that’s what you want
  • Make a complaint if you’re not happy about someone or something


For more information about citizen advocacy, please get in touch.

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