A relative/friend isn’t able to look after themselves anymore. Can I get some help?

If your relative/friend is finding it difficult to manage certain tasks or personal care, the social services department at Essex County Council will be able to offer them a Care Needs Assessment. This is the first step towards getting the help and support they need with everyday life and to live as independently as possible.


The person you know is facing a Care Needs Assessment, one of our advocates might be able to help them – particularly if they’d find it difficult to understand the process, the information they’d be given, or express their thoughts and wishes to others.

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You care for your relative/friend, or you’re considering caring for them, you might want to speak to Essex County Council about a Carer’s Assessment. This will consider the support that could be useful to you. If you think you might have difficulties with this assessment process, you could ask your care coordinator or social worker if you can use our advocacy services.

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The role of an advocate

An advocate can stand by you, and stand up for you, when important decisions are being made about your care, treatment and the way you live your life. They can help you understand your rights and options, and support you when expressing your views and wishes to others.

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Self-help resources

Get support for yourself, a family member or someone you care for.

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