I’m worried about a vulnerable person I know.

Councils and care services have safeguarding procedures that should help keep people safe from physical and mental mistreatment, neglect and exploitation. When people talk about safeguarding, they’re mostly talking about protecting children or vulnerable adults.


You are worried about someone, try to talk to that person in private if you can. Tell them gently that you’ve noticed a change and ask them if they’re all right. Listen, be patient with their replies, and they might find it useful to hear that they have a right to feel safe. If you’re still worried once you’ve had this conversation, you should report your concerns.


The role of an advocate

An advocate can stand by you, and stand up for you, when important decisions are being made about any care, treatment and the way you live your life. They can help you understand your rights and options, and support you when expressing your views and wishes to others.

More about the role of an advocate

Self-help resources

Get support for yourself, a family member or someone you care for.

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