Peer and group advocacy

Peer advocacy is when you work with an advocate who has had similar personal experiences to you, so they are well-placed to empathise with your situation and understand your needs. Peer advocacy can be one-to-one or group support provided by advocates with a similar disability or experience to a person using services. You might also want to consider joining a local peer support group, where you can meet other people who have similar experiences, interests and goals.

Peer support groups

A peer support group can be helpful if you’re keen to self-advocate (speak up for your rights, views and wishes). As a group member, you’ll hear others' experiences and get the chance to share your own. You’re likely to pick up skills in communication and be encouraged to be more confident and assertive about what you want. Some groups are set up to tackle specific topics and interests – for example, access to services, how to make a complaint, and issues around discrimination.


Our peer support groups are currently on hold. For more information please get in touch.

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