A relative/friend has been taken to a psychiatric ward for assessment. Can they have an advocate?

Anyone who is detained in hospital under the Mental Health Act has a legal right to advocacy support. If the person you know has agreed to be assessed in hospital but they have not been detained, they don’t have rights under the Mental Health Act and are not automatically eligible for advocacy support. However, there are still some circumstances where we may be able to help.


Your friend or relative has been detained under the Mental Health Act, one of our specialist Independent Mental Health Advocates can help them to understand their rights and ensure those rights are defended and that you can participate in decisions about your own treatment and care. 

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They don’t have legal rights to advocacy support, we might be able to offer a community advocacy service. This supports people who would find it substantially difficult to advocate for themselves – including difficulty understanding, holding, using or weighing up information, and communicating their views, wishes and feelings.

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